10 Must Have Items When Camping with Kids

Camping with kids can be tough. However with a little preparation and some essential items it can be the most enjoyable family holiday ever. Here are the 10 Must Have Items When Camping with Kids

I do not claim that this is a definitive list, merely a suggestion of some items that can vastly improve a family camping experience. These are our 10 must have items when camping with kids.

10 Must Have Items When Camping with Kids


Banana Boat Kids SPF50 Sun Lotion 60ml

Nothing can bring the mood down in camp quicker than a kid with sun burn. More importantly, serious health issues can arise by not taking the right precautions. I have experienced a large number of campsites with little shade and tents can get very hot inside. This results in a lot of time in the sun and the pool. It’s very important that kids are protected with a sun cream with SPF50 and I would always recommend a lotion that offers a high water resistance.

Blue & Green Beach Shelter with UV40 Sun Protection

As I mentioned above, it can be difficult to find good shade in some campsites. This can also be a problem when you’re at the park or the beach. The solution? A Beach Shelter. Beach shelters are very portable and can be erected quickly. They are perfect when you need shade from the sun or temporary shelter from wind and rain. Its important to check the protection they offer. Our beach shelters have a UV40 sun protection and HH400 water resistance.

Xpel Kids Mosquito & Insect Repellent Deet Free 70ml pump spray

It is easy to be put off from camping when biting insects come out to play. Mosquitos and midges can leave you with a very annoying itch. Avoid getting bitten by keeping your tent closed at dusk and dawn, avoid wearing strong fragrances and ensure no food is left out. Also, a good repellent spray will offer you the protection that you need.


UNO Playing Cards

A camping holiday would not be complete without a game of UNO. A very easy to learn number and colour matching game. Recommended for kids aged 7+, however my 5 year old daughter grasped the basic rules in two or three games. Up to 10 players can play this great family game. This game has kept us all entertained through many rainy days and evenings.

Colourful pocket aerofoil kite with a single line

Windy days can limit your options for entertaining kids. The perfect solution to this is flying kites. We have a choice of kites for both novices and the more experienced kite flyer. The Pocket Kite is incredibly easy to fly. It is a single line parafoil kite that catches even the slightest breeze. It’s called a Pocket Kite because it packs down to a very small size. A perfect activity to carry in your day bag.

Who doesn’t love a game of catch? Kids of all ages will spend hours throwing missiles back and forth. Testing themselves to throw the highest and the furthest. It doesn’t matter how old you are, it’s the easiest game to play and it doesn’t get boring. We recommend the Nerf Sports Vortex Howler Accelerator as it massively increases throwing distance, adding to the excitement.

Let's Go Outside Book

It can be hard to come up with original and fun activities when camping. There is a great resource of inspiration for camping activities that can be found in a book. Our range of books are packed full of fresh ideas, activities, arts & crafts for the outdoors. My personal favorite is Let’s Go Outside written by Steph Scott and Katie Akers. It includes many activities with the simplest of craft supplies. I will be writing a blog post/review about this book soon!


Kids Folding Camping Chair - Light Blue with Elephant Design

No one likes to sit on the cold and sometimes damp floor. This is why a kids camping chair is essential to ensure camping kids are happy. Light and portable in a handy carry bag, our kids folding chairs are perfect for camping, picnics and days at the beach. Our brightly coloured camping chair features a friendly elephant design. They also have a safety button to prevent kid’s fingers getting trapped.

Adventurer's Head Light

Head torches are not only practical they are great fun. They are incredibly handy when playing at dusk because it allows older kids to play into the early evening. Try making a DIY Night Light. Night lights are very comforting for younger kids when going to sleep in unfamiliar surroundings. Night time woodland walks are made more safe and fun. Head torches leave your hands free to play and carry things.

Luxury Single Airbed - Soft Flocked Top

At the end of a very busy day, there is nothing better than snuggling up on a comfortable bed and catching some zzzzz’s. Airbeds are the most portable and the easiest solution to having a comfortable bed when camping. Single airbeds have a small pack size which important to consider when loading the car. They are also very handy at home for guests.